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With Idolink, you make available all your contact details, downloadable materials, product showcase, your social networks, videos and more.

All this with the customizable layout, without the need to hire of a programmer or a web designer.

  • Make contact details available
  • Make contact details available
  • Provide product showcase
  • Make your social network available and much more!

Practical. Fast. Easy.

We have several templates ready, or you can upload an image of your own preference. Insert your logo, your information, products and services, content to answer questions from your customers, all the useful links your company has and whatever your imagination allow!

Prático. Rápido. Fácil.


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Yes, Idolink is available in the APP version for easy management of your online sales, stock control and order receiving, also in the web version, place where you can put your email address as an expansion of your Bio on social networks.

Yes, Idolink offers dozens of tools to facilitate customer communication, one of the options is the creation of a tree of links, with the LINK function it is possible to add external links to direct your customer to other websites, affiliate pages, and a lot more.

With Idolink you can create a product showcase with images, description of the product and price. It is also possible to add photos in different formats, carousel of images, PDF files for an E-book for example, and even functions like newsletter and Talk to us.

Without a doubt, yes, you can create your e-commerce in a few clicks and be able to sell online or offline (integration via WhatsApp). Idolink was created to facilitate the communication and sales of any type of company, whether you are starting and want to open the doors to the digital world and start sales, as well as for those who want to have control of stock, make sales nationwide with the option of integrating freight calculation with Postal Office, and integrate several forms of payment, including installment option (Brazil), discount coupons and scheduling services via calendar, integrated with Gmail or Google workspace.

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