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pre-made templates for you to start

pre-made templates <b>for you to start</b>

integration with whatsapp


agility in contactingyour customer

contact your customer

improve yoursales results

improve your<b>sales results</b>

analyze yoursales results

analyze your<b>sales results</b>

work on youradvertising

work on your<b>advertising</b>

You connected with your customers.

Communication tools like Questions and Answers and Contact us for a closer communication between customer and user.

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Just take the first step, create your Ido account, register your products / services, select payments method you wish offering, delivery method and that’s it, you’re ready to start your first sale. You can make sales of products, digital products, or services through Idolink.

Your creativity is the limit to sell through Idolink. It can be a restaurant that offers deliveries or order pick up, a company that offers a product that can be shipped via mail, used book that is sitting on the shelf, a consulting service, digital products such as online courses, live classes with scheduling, among a multitude of business options.

Through the Idolink app you receive notifications of all purchases made in your store, and through it you can change order status (approve, cancel, edit, delete), confirm payments, pull sales reports and more.

Yes, Idolink has a feature where you can add quantity of products you have to offer within the platform, once you sell all the products, you can show that item is out of stock to avoid selling without having the product.

Yes, it is possible to sell physical products on Idolink, and it is also possible to offer the user the option of local pick-up or delivery. Idolink has integration with Postal Office, this will allow the user to know exactly the value of the freight cost to ship the product.

Yes, it is possible to sell digital products through the platform. The user will make the purchase normally via the platform, will receive access to the file for download via email and will also have access via app to the content. You can create a google drive or Dropbox separated by folders to store the files that will be available, such as videos and eBooks.

Yes, Idolink has its own scheduling tool, where you can show your calendar with times available for service. It is also possible to register collaborators to be part of the calendar, where the user can select the professional of their choice or choose only time slot leaving up to you to select professionals that are available. Idolink Calendar syncs with your Gmail and Google MySpace calendar.

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