Instagram as a tool to bring brand and consumer closer

A few years ago, Instagram was seen only as a tool to keep memories, almost like a digital album. Do you remember this?

Since then, the platform has taken other directions and formats, always with the aim of entertaining an increasingly dispersed audience, in a super competitive and rapidly changing scenario. 

Today, this is the third most used social network, reaching 122 million users in Brazil alone. And that provides a series of functions and tools for use in marketing strategies, which go far beyond personal use.

These numbers are even higher when it comes to the engagement of brands and companies, where the platform is on its way to becoming the first in the ranking, even surpassing Facebook.

And all these changes have a great impact on companies and their advertising and sales strategies, which are increasingly dependent on the use of the platform to acquire new customers and achieve goals.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, today, companies that use Instagram as a tool to bring their brand closer to their consumers, in a planned and strategic way, are able to achieve a much higher level of exposure than was possible a few years ago. 

Another important point that we need to mention is the availability of users to engage with the movements and campaigns of their favorite brands, and to be open to getting to know other companies and their purposes.

But despite being a social network, Instagram is not an easy place to grow. The frequent changes in the algorithm and great competition make the platform a hostile environment for those who are not prepared.

In summary, one thing is for sure, there is a great space for growth for companies that want to use Instagram as a tool to get closer to their target audience, as long as these companies are willing to understand a little about how it works and have creativity in creating of new content.