What do founders and entrepreneurs have to teach about business?

Have you noticed that there are people who convince, only with their body expression, voice intonation and especially with emotion when communicating with their listener?

These resources are freely available within you, just put them into practice for more results.


Today, the example comes from our co-founder Jonatan Prestini. He has extensive experience with sales and service and will share with you what he experienced, in practice, with a saleswoman in a clothing store in a mall in Curitiba – PR.

Body expression – Andressa always had an upright posture, showing seriousness and commitment from the first approach to the client. His commitment to the initial impact conveyed security.

Voice – The ability to highlight what she needed to convey to the customer made that product unique. “I always use the example of the most expensive product we had in the store, it was a beautiful leather jacket that at the time (2003/2004) cost more than R$200.00. Expensive product for the time,” she said. While other sellers mentioned the price with an intonation that the product was expensive, she held the product with such affection and made it understood that this was an opportunity not to be missed.

Emotions – When touching the pieces of clothing, her reaction was that they were made by the best stylist in the world, but in a natural way, so that the customer felt so much the owner of the piece that the sale was certain. She still cherished the moment when that jacket would be worn.. “Imagine him or her coming towards her and you with the jacket? I can already see the scene”


Start recording your body expression. and review your performance. Would you buy from yourself? What are the positive points? What could you improve?

Leave in your comment which of the above points you stand out and which you need to improve!